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Microscan has achieved worldwide recognition as an innovative developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner. This breakthrough enabled us to become a leader in the ever expanding field of miniaturized high-speed fixed-mount bar code scanning.

Microscan has continued to excel in other areas as well, developing a complete array of scanning products for a diverse base of industrial users. These include automated document handling, electronic manufacturing, clinical diagnostic analyzers, automated tape libraries, and quality/process control tracking applications. Today, with the introduction of the first fully integrated 2D code reader, the "Quadrus", Microscan continues its leadership role in advancing the state of the art in the bar code industry.


Industrial Bar Code Scanners

Versatile scanner for a wide variety of uses throughout the factory floor. Reads bar codes up to 10 feet (3048 mm) away.

The MS-860 makes reading bar codes and stacked 2D codes easy. Push-button calibration and a fully programmable feature set enable you to quickly and easily configure the scanner to meet your needs. Raster settings are programmable to read multiple symbols at different locations or at varying distances.

Compact single line scanner optimized for reading small high-density symbols.


OEM/Embedded Bar Code Scanners

Capable of decoding 2,000 scans per second in real time, the MS-9 delivers a decode rate unmatched among small fixed mount scanners.

MS-3 Family of Small Scanners

  • MS-3 Laser
  • MS-3 CCD/Engine

Designed for embedded applications, the MS-3 series meets demanding space and budget requirements while offering an exceptional feature-set. The MS-3 series provides exceptional versatility in size and functionality.


2D Code Readers

MS-Q Quadrus™ Handheld Imager
The MS-Q Quadrus™ Imagers are optimized to read bar codes and 2D symbols that use direct part mark (DPM) methods. It is the most aggressive handheld imager available for decoding symbols on low contrast substrates such as metal, plastic, rubber, and glass with marking methods such as dot peen and laser/chemical etch.

MS-Q Basic Handheld Imager
The MS-Q Basic Imager is a portable handheld solution for reading both bar codes and 2D symbols. MS-Q reads a wide range of bar code symbols created from high contrast marking methods such as thermal transfer printing.

Quadrus EZ™
Easy scanning solution for 1D and 2D symbols. Instant scanning at the push of a button, no computer required. Versatile industrial 2D reader. Excellent for reading laser-etch and dot peen symbols in factory environment.



Microscan’s MS-5000 multidrop concentrator polls and collects data over an RS-485 multidrop network from up to 50 devices, including scanners, decoders, or barcode label printers. Several concentrators can also be cascaded to poll more than 50 devices. The MS-5000 makes it simple to integrate a network of Microscan barcode scanning equipment with a host computer.

Microscan's MS-3000 can communicate with one or two scanners, each with a separate trigger. The MS-3000 is simple to connect to the system with standard connectors and cables. It includes built-in firmware, accessible through the host system, a PC, or an ASCII terminal.

Microscan introduces the
IB-140, an Allen-Bradley scan head replacement module
Good news for bar code systems that rely on the Allen-Bradley DS or DD series decoders and LD or L series scan heads: Microscan's new IB-140 allows a Microscan scanner to function as a drop-in replacement for Allen-Bradley’s discontinued LD and L series scan heads.

Protocol Boxes
The SDS Protocol Box allows Microscan bar code scanners to
perform with SDS (Smart Distribution System) technology. It has two programmable input ports, one scanner port, an SDS bus port, a dedicated scanner power port (the Protocol Box is powered by the network), and a programmable output port (for SDS protocol or the scanner).




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