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Kontron is one of the world's largest suppliers of embedded computer technology to a diversified customer base in the communications, automation, mobile, medical, military, aerospace, test and measurement, and encryption security markets. Kontron's vision is to help leading OEMs, Systems Integrators and Application Providers significantly reduce their time-to-market to gain a competitive edge.


CompactPCI / PICMG 2.16

Complete line of 3U and 6U cPCI chassis and CPU blades along with a diverse line of plug in boards such as industrial I/O and communications, graphics, drive control, cPCI PMC carrier, ethernet and fieldbus.


PCI/ISA Boards & Systems

Large array of PICMG PCI/ISA rack chassis, benchtop and HMI/MMI workstations along with a diverse line of SBC, motherboards, & plug in boards such as industrial I/O and communications, video, drive control, sound, modems, ethernet & telephony.


PC/104 Boards & Systems

Find our popular PC/104 & PC/104-Plus MOPS line of CPU boards that perform from 386 to Pentium® III, along with our compatibility tested line of PC/104 I/O and Communications boards for your COTS embedded solutions, and our new revolutionary horizontal PC/104 1U rack chassis.


Embedded SBC and Systems

Embedded SBC and chassis from board to system level:; Stand Alone COTS solutions - 5.25" (Mungo, EBX), 3.5" (JRex), EPIC, low profile flat panel SBC; industrial PCs for harsh environments.


Industrial I/O

Find Digital & Data Acquisition hardware from Serial, Ethernet, PCMCIA or USB. External signal conditioning, termination boards & accessories for plug in bus boards. For Industrial I/O boards, go to the bus interface such as PCI/ISA, cPCI, PC/104, or VME.


Components & Accessories

Find a complete offering of system components & accessories: Drives & drive contollers, CDRW, optical drives, backup drives, memory, monitors, keyboards, mice, KVM switches, power protection, rack mount accessories and more!


HMI/PanelPC/Thin Client/OEM

The scalable product line of the new HMI systems offers a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions from 10" up to 19". The 100% industry-capable Panel PCs and displays meet toughest industrial requirements concerning shock, vibration and temperature resistance. However specific your requirements we supply you with semi- and full-customized systems for your control and visualisation applications.



VisionControl, Automation Software Developer Suite, Disk Operating System, Windows 98, 2000, Millennium, & Windows NT Operating Systems


Rugged Mobile Computing

A complete line of rugged mobile computers designed for a variety of industries and applications. Products range from full three piece systems to embedded computer modules and servers designed for OEM solutions.


Industry Solutions & Applications

Kontron is significantly investing in developing application-specific technology to meet the particular requirements of companies in the communications convergence, Internet security, industrial automation, transportation and other fields of commerce. We've assembled a portfolio of integrated (software, hardware, middleware and support services) embedded computer applications to offer customer-centric solutions that are flexible and scalable.

  • Industrial Automation
  • Test & Measurement
  • Communications
  • Medical
  • Defense/Government

Many of our embedded computer applications combine our industry-standard embedded computer boards and systems with leading application software. Quite simply, Kontron's embedded computer applications are designed to help OEMs, enterprise customers and Governments reduce their time-to-revenue.



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